Whitworth Software Engineering Presentations 2023

Friday, 19 May, 8:00am-10:00am, 1:00pm-3:00pm, 3:30-5:30pm
Robinson Teaching Theater, Weyerhaeuser Hall, Whitworth University

Come one, come all. Come whenever you want. Stay as long as you want. The Whitworth Computer Science class of 2023 will be presenting their work this spring throughout the day, and you can see all they've accomplished.

You can watch each presentation remotely using the link given for that time block. If you have questions, please post them to the chat.

Presentation Times:

Live Stream

Spokane Fatherhood Initiative (Bhavesh Bhagtani, Bo Broyles, Nate Kerber, Connor Weldy, Luke Wing)

Spokane Fatherhood Initiative currently has records scattered between Excel spreadsheets, Outlook, WordPress data files, and paper files that our team is consolidating into a relational database. Our team is also developing a web portal for SPOFI admin to view, edit, and add new records. By creating this infrastructure, SPOFI will have a contact manager, class attendance tracking system, and other software solutions for future SPOFI needs.

MAAC Student Tracking (Erin Bell, Andrew Bergman, Viktor Pisarenko, Ethan Worth)

Team Photo
We are developing a student data tracking website for the Mindful Awareness Academy for Children (MAAC). MAAC is an after school/additional program to empower and equip students, with a special focus on preparing students of color for college readiness and success. We are developing a database to store all of MAAC's student data in one place, and a website which will allow MAAC employees and volunteers to view, analyze, and edit that data. This central, streamlined system will facilitate MAAC's growth by lightening administrative load and allowing more detailed querying of organizational data.

Hewitt Learning (Immanuel Anoka-Ayembe, Aaron Borjas, Caleb Eby, Nozomu Ohno)

We are working with Hewitt Learning, an educational nonprofit focused primarily on resources for home-school students, to implement games for kids to learn basic concepts of chemistry. The first game, Element Decoder, teaches kids how the periodic table is arranged, by having kids search for elements on the periodic table, ultimately spelling out a word. This was the main focus of our work. The second game is a prototype based on an idea for a game similar to tetris, but where ionic compounds are formed. By learning how to match elements together to form ionic compounds based on their charges, kids can have a head-start when they enter their first chemistry class.

Live Stream

MAAC Matching Scholars to Mentors (Abdallah Abu Al Kheir, Diana Diaz, Ty Heim, Michael Laramie, Travis Plunkett)

Team Photo
Matching Scholars to Mentors is a software engineering project that aims to create a platform to facilitate the process of matching scholars with mentors. Our team's goal is to create a platform to match scholars with mentors based on academic need, schedule compatibility, and personal preferences/needs. The project involves front-end and back-end development, including the creation of a user-friendly interface and a matching algorithm. The Project's client is a non-profit organization by the name of MAAC or Mindful Awareness Academy for Children. "MAAC provides holistic support for College Readiness, with programs centered on Mindfulness, Social-Emotional Wellness, and Community Building."

ARts Books (Adam Callahan, Kat Costales, Lester Dery, Sarah Immel, Sakina Vidyarthi)

ARtbooks is an early-stage startup designed to help writers and artists create augmented-reality books. Built by five computer science and human-computer interactions students, our web editor lets users layer digital assets over each page of their book. Once they publish the designs to a mobile app, their readers can scan the physical book and watch it come to life.

Medcurity (George Bjork, Josh Creasey, Austin Fischer, David Lewis, Mradul Mourya)

We are working with Medcurity to develop a tool for assimilating a variety of breach data into dynamic graphs. This tool will be used internally by Medcurity to help them gather useful and intuitive data to help them better analyze breach data. This tool will also present a current news article about healthcare-related breaches.

Live Stream

Whitworth Football (Jorjei Ngoche, Mason Paladino, Michael Smith, Atticus Templeton)

This project is an automated computer software program that allows Whitworth football to be more time efficient and productive. This piece of software creates diagrams of weekly plays that Whitworth football will use against its opponents. It will eliminate the need of Coaches to individually create each play from scratch each week and allow that time to be spent on something else giving Whitworth football a possible game winning advantage.

United Way of Spokane (Adam Cassidy, Jay Helm, Payton Lo, Nirjal Shakya)

We are working with Spokane County United Way to create a website for their Built for Zero program. This program is part of a movement of over 80 cities committing to measurably end homelessness. Their current system involves reaching out to the coordinator, where they have to update and connect clients through a spreadsheet system. The website we built is able to visualize the housing and is an in-house solution similar to sites like apartments.com, with the exception that our program is designed for the specific needs of the company. This allows Spokane County United Way to more easily procure housing and connect people who need it.

Behavior Management Interview Application (Nana Boateng Amoah, Emma Foulk, Sadie Grode, Michael Lie, Kamontat Swasdikulavath)

Our team has developed a program that guides a teacher through a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) in order to identify and record problematic behavior for a particular student. Based on the teacher's answers, the program provides a specialized Behavioral Support Plan (BSP). The teacher can apply the generated strategies to try and mitigate troubling behavior. Typically, teachers would rely on specialists to conduct this type of assessment. Our program fills a gap because it provides a guided assessment and recommendation plan without requiring specialized knowledge or expert help.